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ppt/ short movie on description of project   Empty ppt/ short movie on description of project

Post by DAV Science Teacher on Tue Sep 15, 2015 7:22 pm

Project Description:
Title:                                -Rostrum for synchronization of knowledge.
Theme :-                         Developing student communities which assist learning and teaching.
Stated Objectives and learning Outcomes:
·         Learners collaborate and develop innovative teaching learning material / strategies/ resources.
·         Learners share and resolve their queries through online discussion with peers and teachers locally as well as globally.
·         Teacher is developing a platform which provides learners long term access and the option to reassess and reformulate their work.
·         The project allows the teachers and learners to go beyond conventional teaching methods and reproduce the content learnt in the class room through ICT.
·         The project is helpful in developing 21st century learning skills in learners and motivates them to learn beyond classrooms by creating ICT awareness.
·         The project is designed to enhance creativity among learners by developing link between off line and online medium of learning.
The project is helpful in developing 21st century learner skills in students by maximizing the use of Microsoft tools in classroom teaching and by enabling the students to polish their creative skills by preparing and sharing resources on their blogs, Youtube ,Facebook and on the discussion forum there by making the  activity  long term .
·         The project calls students to plan their work and assess it over time.
·         This forum provides alternate access format to students who need additional support in academics.
·         They are active partners in their own learning .
·         Learning has become more interactive and enjoyable.
·          Teachers give instructions  and assessments to the students on the forum and thus reduce the burden of writing answers in the notebook.

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